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Source: Flickr: Creative Commons

Recycled Oyster Shells Make Eco-Friendly Ingredient For Cement


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Researcher James Morris is rethinking what happens to the enormous number of mollusk shells that end up in landfills every year, according to Popular Science. Morris's team Calcium in a Changing Environment or CACHE, wants to recycle the waste produced by seafood lovers. Oysters on the half shell may seem like a special treat, but enough people eat them for the deterioration of oyster beds and waste management to be have become a serious issue. CACHE is proposing that the shells be recycled, by either being restored to oyster reef systems or crushed for their potential as bio material.

“Reusing shell waste is a perfect example of a circular economy, particularly as shells are a valuable biomaterial,” Morris told Popular Science. “Not only does it improve the sustainability of the aquaculture industry moving forwards, but it can also provide secondary economic benefits to shellfish growers and processors as well.”