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Source: Pixabay

Electric Car Sales In Europe Are Booming As Over 1 Million EVs Hit The Road

By Kristin Hunt

Electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular choice in Europe, according to new numbers reported in The Guardian. In the first half of 2018, European consumers bought 195,000 plug-in cars, a sales figure that’s 42 percent higher than the one from the same period last year. 

That brings the total number of EVs in Europe up to over 1 million cars — and industry experts expect the tally to hit 1.35 million by the year’s end.

These impressive stats come courtesy of EV-Volumes, a consultancy and data resource in Sweden that monitors EV sales development. The group found EV sales trending upwards in the European market, particularly in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Iceland. Norway alone has added 36,500 new plug-in cars to its roads in 2018, constituting a 37 percent share of new registrations.