Plus-Size Outdoor Influencers That You Should Definitely Be Following

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Apr. 18 2023, Published 4:35 p.m. ET

Even though exploring the outdoors should be for everyone, it's often white-washed, and it's also unfortunately largely portrayed as a hobby for thin people to enjoy. And because that totally is not the case, we think it's absolutely crucial to follow plus-size outdoor influencers on social media. They're working to remind everyone that outdoor exploration shouldn't be exclusive to one particular size, and TBH, we love that more than anything.

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Below, we've listed a diverse selection of fabulous, highly inspiring folks who are into a wide range of outdoor hobbies, from hiking, to van-life, climbing, and more. Check out a few of them below and hit that follow button, because not only are these people doing something awesome for the plus-size community — they're also going on some seriously awesome adventures that you won't want to miss out on.


Sarah Hulsey, the creator behind @thestrongsarah, is an avid rock climber who wants everyone to know that "climbing is for everybody" — which is also the name of the company she founded alongside her husband, Drew Hulsey. She is constantly posting updates of herself climbing inside and outside, and often posts reminders about how we view and talk about plus-size folks.

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Jenny Katherine is the doctor and outdoor enthusiast behind the Instagram account, @fatcrazydoctor. She is an avid hiker and skier — and in fact, she recently wrote an incredible essay for Ski Magazine about the challenges she's faced as a plus-size skier. from finding clothes that fit, to reactions from other skiers, she has faced quite a bit of adversity being a plus-size person in the outdoor world, though she has continued pursuing her passions regardless.

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Even though Diarra Jasmine (who uses the pronouns she/them) is mainly a yogi, they also love hiking, swimming, and meditating in the great outdoors. As a #VanLifer they are constantly on the move from place to place, and they always make a point to note when they are exploring land that was stolen from Indigenous peoples.

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Alexa Rosales, behind the account @alexaannerosales, founded the group @bodyliberationoutdoorclub. The organization, which now has 17 chapters, provides a community for plus-size folks to enjoy outdoor recreation together. Being New York based, Rosales often photographs herself exploring the Empire state, but also treks beyond New York state lines, even exploring other countries such as Guatemala.

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Amanda is the queer powerlifter and hiking enthusiast\ behind @unclejemima99. You can often find her exploring New York's endless trails alongside her adorable dog and/or husband. She is also good about always noting when the land she explores was previously stolen from Indigenous communities.

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And when she isn't hiking, she's advocating for fat people in the lifting community. She also founded @biggirlbarbell which works to de-marginalize gyms, which are also generally considered to be fat-phobic spaces.

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Jenny Bruso (who goes by she/they) is self-described as a "queer fat femme adventurer." They are the founder of @unlikelyhikers, a group that works to de-marginalize hiking, regardless of your skin tone, size, or abilities. She has also popularized the hashtags #FatAndOutdoorsy and #MyBodyTookMeHere.

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While she isn't posting about her fabulous international treks through deserts, forests, and beyond, Jenny is also sponsored by a number of major outdoor companies, including: Gregory Packs, Merrill, REI, and Eddie Bauer, for whom she is a model and spokesperson.

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Kanoa Greene

Kanoa Greene is a surfer, hiker, skier, biker... you name it. She travels all over the world, from Costa Rica to Utah, enjoying her favorite outdoor activities as a member of the BIPOC and plus-size communities. She is truly a positive light, giving her followers messages like "pause sometime this week and enjoy the outdoors," and to "move in whatever way brings YOU joy."

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