The Philodendron Ring of Fire Is a Unique Houseplant That Will Cost You


May 30 2023, Published 10:00 a.m. ET

Indoor gardeners who are always on the lookout for new hanging or standing plants to add to their home may want to check out the Philodendron Ring of Fire. Although it might not be the easiest indoor plant to procure, plant collectors often love this one for its unique beauty and longevity.

Here's why the Philodendron Ring of Fire can be expensive yet worthwhile for gardeners.

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various philodendron plants in a nursery
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Certain philodendron varieties are rarer and more valuable than others.

What is the Philodendron Ring of Fire?

According to Evergreen Seeds, the Philodendron Ring of Fire is a hybrid philodendron plant that was once called Henderson's Pride. Although it's not the most uncommon of philodendron varieties, it still holds a lot of interest for plant enthusiasts and is not in huge supply.

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PositiveBloom notes that the Philodendron Ring of Fire is considered to be a hybrid between two Philodendron species: wendlandii and tortum. The plants are perennials and their native growing environment is South America. The Philodendron Ring of Fire grows fairly slowly and sports a unique combination of colors on its leaves.

The leaves of the Philodendron Ring of Fire are variegated, and it can have shades of pink, orange, or red on the mostly-green leaves. The plant can grow well in pots or hanging baskets, and it can live for many years beautifying your home and purifying the air.

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For these plants to thrive, they generally need indirect sunlight and average temperatures between about 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You also want to avoid subjecting it to sudden temperature changes.

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There are several reasons why the Philodendron Ring of Fire can be expensive.

The Philodendron Ring of Fire can be on the pricey side for a houseplant. According to Lebotanist, the main reasons for the difficulty and cost of getting one of these plants is their propagation. This is a plant that cannot be grown from seeds, so you must propagate it through stem cuttings. This propagation process can also be very technical and challenging as well, so the time and effort to grow them adds to the overall cost.

Longevity may also be a reason the Philodendron ring of fire can fetch higher prices than other indoor plants. Since with the right care, these plants can live for many years, sellers can justify a higher price tag. The unique and beautiful colors of this plant's leaves are another reason for it to be in high demand and short supply.

Article continues below advertisement notes that the Philodendron Ring of Fire can have such a wide range of bright colors, making it look like a burning fire (hence the name). These plants tend to sell out rapidly at nurseries, which may also explain the high prices.

How much does a Philodendron Ring of Fire plant cost?

The cost of a Philodendron Ring of Fire varies greatly depending on the seller and other factors. An Etsy search for philodendron plants will show prices of around $18-$25 for a starter plant. One seller, Sue Lala of MoreShadesofGreen, lists a tissue culture pouch of 10 plants at $55 for the buyer to care for immediately upon arrival. Certainly, you can shop around at local nurseries and from online sellers to find the type of Philodendron you seek.

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What are some other rare philodendrons?

As The Healthy Houseplant notes, there are almost 500 known species of philodendron. The varieties that are rarest can demand the highest price tags, and the Philodendron Ring of Fire isn't even the costliest. In general, the philodendron's supply, demand, and whether or not the leaves are variegated determine the maximum price.

These are a few of the rarest, and therefore, most expensive, types of Philodendrons:

  • Pink Princess
  • Silver Sword
  • Red Moon
  • Mamei
  • Joepii
  • ‘Billietiae’ Variegated
  • Spiritus Sancti.
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