Trouble Relaxing? These Ocean Sounds ASMR Videos Could Induce Calm


Jun. 27 2023, Published 1:35 p.m. ET

The term ASMR has gained a lot of traction online, with plenty of people swearing by the benefits of ASMR videos. ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, refers to a sensation such as goosebumps, tingling, or a static-like feeling, brought upon by watching videos featuring certain soothing noises. Many believe ASMR is relaxing, and it's easy to see why oceans ASMR videos are so popular.

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Nebraska Medicine states that many "people report pleasant feelings of relaxation, calm, sleepiness, or well-being" when experiencing ASMR sensations. Some may have this response to massage, hair-brushing, humming, scratching sounds, and other stimuli — but if you think ASMR featuring ocean sounds will tickle your brain in just the right way, check out the below ocean ASMR videos.

This video combines ocean sounds with white noise.

This video is labeled as a great video for sleeping, featuring sounds of waves on Carrapateira Beach. Uploaded by Naturaleza Viva, the video's caption states, "We recorded these ocean waves specifically for their relaxing ASMR qualities, ideal for deep sleeping."

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ASMR_Divinity has an ocean sounds ASMR video.

In this three-hour ASMR video for deep sleep, a woman with long fingernails caresses a fluffy microphone while ocean sounds play in the background. ASMR_Divinity is based in Germany and has 100,000 YouTube subscribers. One comment on this video notes, "Only ASMR that can put me to sleep like a baby kitten all warm and cozy."

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Nature Zilla has this 10-hour video of ocean ASMR sounds.

To let the calming pattern of ocean waves lapping the shore lull you to sleep, try this 10-hour video by Nature Zilla, offering a perfect white noise option. Whether you use this all the time to relax, or you only need it while trying to sleep in a strange and noisy place, these ocean ASMR-like sounds may be just what you need.

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Asleep In Perfection offers underwater ocean sounds in this ASMR video.

While you might automatically think of waves rolling onto the beach when you think "oceans ASMR videos," don't forget about the calming effects of underwater sounds. Listening to this video by Asleep In Perfection will transport you to the ocean's depths with its bubbling sounds. The creator says, "You may even hear a whale or two."

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Relaxing White Noise transports you to Hawaii.

Another great video of ocean sounds with relentless waves landing on shore and then receding back out to sea is from Relaxing White Noise, a YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers. One commenter writes, "This is very relaxing for me. To hear the rushing waters brush up on the shore is so soothing."

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Pure Relaxation also has an underwater ocean ASMR video.

Try this 10-hour video of underwater ocean sounds to help you with insomnia or provide a nice background while studying or working. One site visitor noted that it's a great ad-free choice: "10 hours and not a single ad. Is this heaven?"

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Sleeping Trials has a quiet ocean video.

This video by Sleeping Trials takes the listener underwater, where they will even hear a few whale calls. The video lasts for two hours and offers a great ocean ASMR experience.

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