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Source: Pixabay

What Does A Plant-Based Diet Mean?


Organic, non-GMO, local, plant-based. It seems every day there's new food and diet labels to learn if you want to understand where your food is coming from or how it impacts your health. Maybe you saw Forks Over Knives and want to try a similar whole foods based diet as the one discussed in the documentary or perhaps you've read about how research shows the best thing you can do for the planet is avoid meat and dairy. 

Either way, a plant-based diet is not only great for your health, but great for the longevity of the planet. But unlike trendy diets that attempt to severely restrict what you eat or how much you eat, there's not really a clear definition of what necessarily constitutes a plant-based diet. That's because plant-based eating isn't just about what you put in your body, it's about your overall lifestyle. 

Plant-based diets all depend on the extent to which a person includes animal products in their regular eating habits. Before you start throwing everything out of your refrigerator, let's break down the basics of what it means to eat a plant-based diet.