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Source: pexels

6 Plant-Based Foods You Can Find In Most Grocery Stores

By Marissa Higgins

If you're thinking about trying a plant-based diet, you might feel overwhelmed. After all, it can be a big change from what you normally eat. If you're someone who regularly enjoys meat, cheese, or eggs, you might be worried about what you can easily buy that fits a plant-based lifestyle. But worry not: You can buy plenty of plant-based items at a regular grocery store, no organic or speciality store needed.

The convenience of a regular grocery store knows no bounds. For people who don't have access to speciality stores, or who actually live in a food desert, being able to get their staples at a local place is hugely important. It's also notable that the following plant-based items lean towards affordable and easy to prepare; you don't need expensive kitchen equipment or expensive "alternative" products to eat plant-based. In fact, the following groups are as cheap and easy as they come.

1. Legumes