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This Completely Biodegradable Single-Use Water Bottle Could Change the Game

By Sophie Hirsh

When working to reduce your environmental impact, swapping out single-use plastic water bottles for a reusable bottle is one of the simplest and most cost-effective choices a person can make. But a new company called Cove is hoping to make the single-use water bottle game a little easier on the environment with its 100 percent biodegradable water bottle. As reported by Fast Company, Cove will be launching soon — and the bottle is truly the first of its kind.

According to Cove's website, the Cove water bottle is the "first bottle of water made entirely of biodegradable material." The bottle is made of PHA, which is a "naturally occurring biopolymer," and the label is made of paper, non-toxic inks, and non-toxic glue. After drinking an entire bottle, Cove's website recommends reusing the bottle up until the use-by date, and then putting it in a compost bin. The website claims that the bottle will break down "in a compost or landfill, and even in soil, fresh water and the ocean." However, Cove says science is unable to predict exactly how long the bottle will take to biodegrade.

It's pretty unique that Cove can supposedly break down in settings besides a compost, because thus far, most bioplastics and other "eco-friendly" single-use water bottles actually have to be recycled or composted to reap the product's benefits. For example, Just Water is branded as a better alternative to plastic bottles, but because its packaging contains a combination of paper, bioplastic, aluminum, and plastic film, the only responsible way to dispose of the bottle is by recycling it.