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Source: pexels

This Half Marathon Banned Plastic Water Bottles

By Marissa Higgins

If you've ever taken up a sport, you likely know how much water you go through. After all, it's important to stay hydrated even at a low level of activity, but if you're actively breaking a sweat, you definitely crave it. Unsurprisingly, people who run long distances tend to pound water. But if you're opting for a plastic water bottle instead of a reusable one, this isn't gentle on the planet.

That's why the Harrow Half Marathon's initiative to go plastic-free for their next race is so inspiring. The half marathon, which comes in at 13.1 miles, will take place on Sunday, September 16. Organizers decided to now allow any single-use water bottles. 

What's the alternative? They'll be providing an alternative that's better for the planet. In this case, it will be "Ooho" pouches. For those who are unfamiliar, these are small, clear bags that are filled with filtered water. The bags themselves are made from a seaweed-based membrane which makes brown algae and calcium chloride.