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Source: Tap

This App Tells You The Closest Place You Can Refill Your Water Bottle

By Koty Neelis

Most of us know by now plastic bottles aren't great for the environment yet more than 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute — or about 20,000 per second — around the globe. A new app wants to eliminate purchases of single-use plastic water bottles by making it easy for you to find a place to fill up your reusable water bottle.

Available for free for Android and iOS, Tap displays nearby clean drinking water locations, from restaurants and retail stores to public water fountains, so you can refill your water bottle. So far, the app highlights 34,000 refill stations across 7,100 cities in 30 countries. 

“Nobody up till now has built a Google Map for (drinking) water,” founder Samuel Rosen told Forbes. “Finding water is inconvenient. When I go to Google Map and type 'water fountain,' there is nothing. We solve it by building Google Map for water... We are a search engine. We tell you where the water is.”