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Source: everlane

5 Places To Buy Sustainable Denim This Fall

By Marissa Higgins

As the seasons change, many of us are excited to buy new wardrobe pieces. Whether you're returning to school or continuing on at work, many of us go to denim for the fall season. A new pair of jeans? Classic. A denim jacket? Even better for those crisp evenings. Of course, denim isn't always easy on the planet.

This might lead consumers to wonder: Where can I buy sustainable denim? We all know that fast fashion contributes to pollution and is known for poor conditions for workers, but it can feel overwhelming to think of reputable, eco-friendly places to find denim otherwise. Luckily, more and more brands are valuing the planet and putting their production where their mouths are. 

Whether you want a new jacket, jeans, or even want to stock up on some shorts for next summer, here are five sustainable denim brands to get you started.