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Source: instagram

This T-Shirt Company Is Making It Easy To Avoid Fast Fashion

By Marissa Higgins

If there's one closet staple pretty much everybody has, it's a basic T-shirt. Perfect for all seasons and almost all situations, T-shirts are the items we consistently want to keep clean and ready to wear. Unfortunately, wearing T-shirts too often can cause them to wear out quickly. Ever spill ketchup on your favorite white T-shirt? Ever get too comfortable in one and, all of a sudden, it's stretched in the wrong places? 

It can be tempting to just toss these shirts and replace them, especially because T-shirts can be pretty cheap to buy new. Unfortunately, that's not great for the environment. Which is where For Days comes in. 

For Days is a truly unique fashion company that offers, well, lots of tees. Their model is simple, and extremely sustainable. Basically, you can order T-shirts from them on a scheduled basis, and when your old tees are retired (which is basically whenever you want to stop wearing them), you mail them back to the For Days facility in Los Angeles.