Investors Get a Peek At Tesla Cybertruck's Minimalistic Interior


May 17 2023, Published 4:13 p.m. ET

Tesla Cybertruck driving on the road.
Source: Tesla

Investors first got a glimpse of the Tesla Cybertruck interior at the company’s Investor Day in March 2023, and then again at the annual shareholder meeting on May 16, 2023. The Cybertruck is still in pre-production, so changes may be made before production starts later in the year.

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Keep reading to learn what we know so far about the Tesla Cybertruck's interior.

Tesla Cybertruck interior with seating for five people.
Source: Tesla
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The Tesla Cybertruck's interior is pretty sleek.

The interior of the Cybertruck has a modern, minimalist, industrial design that replaces traditional buttons and dials with a touchscreen display, much like other Tesla vehicles, reports SlashGear. On the inside dashboard of the Cybertruck, there is an 18.5-inch display screen, the largest of other Tesla vehicles. The Model S and Model X both have 17-inch display screens.

The Cybertruck steering wheel is uniquely designed as a combination of a traditional round and a yoke steering wheel. It has a flat top and bottom and round sides, says Tesla shareholder Matthew Donegan-Ryan.

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Donegan-Ryan was one of 50 retail shareholders invited to attend the 2023 Investor Day. He shared details on the Tesla Cybertruck in a YouTube video after seeing the pre-production model.

“What most excites me about the Cybertruck, it's going to have the capabilities matching or exceeding a three-quarter-ton truck, like a (Ford) F-250, but it’s going to be as compact as an F-150,” Donegan-Ryan said in the YouTube video. “And it’s going to handle like a sporty SUV similar to a Model X and will likely be faster than a Porsche 911.”

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The Cybertruck is smaller than previous models.

The Cybertruck prototype revealed in March 2023 is 5 percent smaller than the version proposed in 2019, Donegan-Ryan said. The reduced size of the vehicle means it can only hold five passengers versus six, which the original design included.

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Compared to a Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew, Tesla’s Cybertruck has a six-inch longer bed at 73 inches, Donegan-Ryan said. The Cybertruck’s overall exterior dimensions are smaller than the F-150 Raptor.

However, the Cybertruck’s glass roof, a standard feature in Tesla vehicles, gives the truck a “more airy feel” than trucks with metal roofs, SlashGear reports.

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Tesla Cybertruck on a camping trip.
Source: Tesla

Tesla Cybertruck’s dash is made of paper.

Another unique design feature of the Cybertruck is its dashboard, which is made from recycled paper. Tesla pledged in 2019 to remove animal products, like leather, from its vehicle interiors and opt for developing new, more eco-friendly materials, Car and Driver reports.

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Tesla Cybertruck windshield wiper is “comically large.”

One feature of Tesla’s Cybertruck prototype that is getting a lot of attention is the extremely large windshield wiper. In 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk seemed to admit that he struggled with the wiper design after someone on Twitter asked whether the Cybertruck’s “comically large” windshield wiper was the final design.

“The wiper is what troubles me the most,” Musk tweeted on Dec. 21, 2021. “No easy solution. Deployable wiper that stows in front trunk would be ideal, but complex.”

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The Cybertruck prototype revealed in March still features the large windshield wiper, which is called a gigawiper, Electrek reports.

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Tesla Cybertruck deliveries are expected in early 2024.

Over 15 million orders have already been placed for the Tesla Cybertruck. Production of the electric trucks is scheduled to start mid-2023, with the first deliveries expected in early 2024.

The Cybertruck will cost from $40,000 up to $70,000 depending on the features that are incorporated. You can preorder one now for just $100.

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