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Source: pexels

France To Make Bottles Made With Recycled Plastic Less Expensive

By Marissa Higgins

Many of us are eager to reduce our use of plastic. Reducing our plastic consumption is something we can do each day by just making some small changes and choices in our habits and buying patterns. Of course, when we're out and about, it can be hard to reduce how much plastic we're buying. Sometimes, it's the only option. Or the non-plastic version can be more expensive or less readily accessible. 

That's why France's new plan to make bottles made from recycled plastic less expensive is so important. That's right: As reported by Inhabitat, buying a bottle made from recycled plastic will cost you less than buying a bottle made from new plastic. 

Specifically, this movement hopes to reduce the price by up to 10 percent. Depending on what you're buying to begin with, this could be a significant discount. Either way, it's clearly better for the environment.