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Source: pexels

Ketchup Packets Could Be Next To Go In Fight Against Single-Use Plastics

By Marissa Higgins

Right now, everybody is discussing how we can reduce single-use plastics. On the large scale, the European Union is looking to ban ten types of single-use plastic. Costa Rica is the first country hoping to ban single-use plastic entirely. In our day to day lives, plastic is everywhere, and it can feel unavoidable. The good news is, cutting back on how much single-use plastic we use is pretty easy, once you plan ahead and invest in a few reusable items.

But there's also the single-use plastic that comes to us automatically. For example: ketchups packets. Those familiar Heinz ketchup packets we see at many restaurants, and especially in our take-out containers, may be up for a green makeover. 

On Tuesday, Kraft Heinz Co. said it plans to make 100 percent of its packaging globally recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025. They're planning to work with industry coalitions, experts, and organizations to find recyclable materials for their packaging.