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Source: pixabay/pexels

'Just Eat' Delivery Service Lets Customers Opt Out Of Plastic Waste

By Brian Spaen

Excess single-use plastic items and sauce packets arrive frequently in takeout orders. A number of these are disposed of right when people are done with their food, but that waste can be cut down pretty easily. How so? If restaurants and delivery services stop adding them to our takeout bags to begin with. That’s what United Kingdom’s takeout service, Just Eat, will be doing after a survey showed a majority of their customers don’t want these items anyway.

Nearly 75 percent of Just Eat’s customers would like to decline receiving plastic eating utensils, straws, and packaged condiments when ordering their food based on recent research by the company. Nearly half of them would be more inclined to order from restaurants that don’t give them these extra items in the first place.

Research was conducted with One Poll over a two-day period (February 28th and March 1st). Over 1,900 customers that have ordered delivery food through the service in the UK responded to the survey. Immediately after the results, Just Eat will no longer supply plastic packaging to their affiliated restaurants. This will lead to over one million plastic products eliminated, which was the amount sold in 2017.