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Swim Trunks Made From Plastic Bottles Curb Pollution In Ocean

By Desirée Kaplan

Every year, about one million sea birds are harmed by plastic that ends up in oceans around the world. Around 100,000 marine mammals are also negatively impacted by plastic waste annually. This stems largely from excessive plastic usage and pollution. New Yorkers, for example, throw away 24 million plastic bottles every week and many of those items never find their way to recycling facilities.

Business partners, Isabella Cisneros and Ramiro Carranza, were concerned about the environment and wanted to make a lasting positive impact. The idea for a sustainable swimsuit line first came to them while vacationing in Tulum, Mexico during 2016. After living sustainably and connecting with nature at an eco-friendly hotel, the couple began thinking about meaningful ways to tackle the issue of pollution in the environment.  

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Having seen the Netflix documentary, A Plastic Ocean, they were inspired to create a long term sustainable solution for the issue of plastic waste in the ocean. The film, which focuses on the evolution of plastic waste over the years, shows how this material has been used more than ever in just the last 10 years. 

Cisneros and Carranza decided to create The Tropics, a line of swim trunks made with materials derived from recycled plastic bottles. The Miami based company recently released their first line of men’s swimwear and they're focused on spreading environmental awareness with every item they sell. 

Each swim trunk is made from about 10 to 11 post-consumer plastic bottles, which the company collects during their beach cleanups and sends to a facility to specially process. The used bottles are sorted, cleaned, chipped, and melted into fibers. Through this process, the bottles are completely transformed and given a new life as stylish swimwear.