Dogs Go Wild Over Sausage, but Is It Safe for Them to Eat?


Jul. 10 2023, Published 5:45 p.m. ET

One of the most important things you can do to keep your faithful dog healthy is by feeding them nutritious foods. But there are some foods that are bad for dogs — even the stereotypical bones aren't necessarily safe for your pooch. Can dogs eat sausage, or is that just a common myth pet owners have always believed?

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Although in some cases, sausage may not be the worst thing for dogs, it's not something you should let them pig out on (pun intended). Find out what types of sausage are best for dogs.

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Are sausages safe for dogs?

While it is true that dogs often enjoy the taste of sausage, it's not recommended for dogs to eat, per DogFoodGenius. The good thing is, if your dog gets a small bite or two of sausage, it's not instantly toxic or likely to cause major damage. But in general, sausage is something that's best avoided for dogs.

Dogs shouldn't eat sausage in general because it's so high in fat and salt. As is true of humans, dogs' health can suffer due to excessive fat and salt intake. This can increase your dog's risk of developing pancreatitis, obesity, heart problems, and diabetes. In addition, there are often seasonings in sausage that can be harmful to dogs.

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Can dogs eat cooked sausage?

Yes, if you're going to give your dog sausage at all, it should be cooked instead of raw. Raw meat can contain salmonella or E. coli, notes the ASPCA, making your dog sick.

Besides being sure to fully cook sausage before sharing it with dogs, you'll need to cut it into small bite-sized pieces to prevent choking risks. Monitor your dog's reaction to a very small amount in case of any obvious health issues.

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Can dogs eat breakfast sausage?

If you're known to enjoy a sausage biscuit in the mornings, be sure to keep it to yourself. Sharing breakfast sausage with dogs is a bad idea as this type of sausage is usually heavily seasoned, as explains.

Can dogs eat Vienna sausage?

Vienna sausages are one meaty item you should not give your dog. As other sausages, the fat and salt content are high, and spicy seasonings make it an even worse choice, per PetConsortium.

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Can dogs eat pork sausage?

Pork sausage isn't any better for dogs than other types of sausage, so it's best to avoid it. Again, the high fat and salt content aren't good for your pup, and the nitrates in pork sausage are also dangerous for them to consume.

Most sausage isn't recommended for dogs.

What it all boils down to is that most kinds of sausage simply aren't good for dogs to eat. Whether it's turkey sausage, summer sausage, pork sausage, Italian sausage, chorizo, or other varieties, it's best to avoid sharing.

Nearly all sausages are heavily seasoned, for one thing, and garlic and onion are particularly harmful to dogs.

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What are the best alternatives to sausage for dogs?

Sticking to a healthy dog food specially formulated for your type of pet is best. Sausage should only be given if cooked and unseasoned and in small quantities.

If you want to make a fun treat, some people recommend making homemade "sausage" for dogs, by mixing raw egg with chopped veggies like green beans or sweet potatoes, and then adding lean ground meat.

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