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Zero-Waste Razors — A Guide to Keeping Shaving Waste-Free


If you’re transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle, you may be wondering if there are more sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic razors out there. Not only are there awesome options that will help keep your shaving routine zero-waste, but switching to a zero-waste razor will also save you money, potentially get you a closer shave, cause less irritation, and honestly, look prettier sitting in your bathroom. 

Plus, unlike disposable razors, zero-waste razors are completely gender-neutral — the same razor can be used on men, women, and anyone in between, and it will work on every body part from your face to your legs to your head to your underarms.

Not to mention, many conventional razor companies test the chemicals used in their lubricant strips and shaving creams on animals, and they even use animal-derived ingredients such as lanolin in their formulas. So in addition to all the above-mentioned benefits, using a zero-waste razor is also cruelty-free!

What Are the Best Zero-Waste Razors?

The safety razor is probably the most popular option when it comes to zero-waste shaving. There are also a few other options for zero-waste shaving on the market, such as the Leaf Shave. Both of these options require simple metal blades — no cartridges necessary. Read on for everything you need to know about both options.