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Source: iStock

How to Clean Your Safety Razor


Now that you have made the essential zero-waste bathroom swaps like buying bar soap, a bamboo toothbrush, and buying an all-metal safety razor, you may be wondering about the upkeep. Well, it’s relatively easy; the bar soap disintegrates on its own and you can cut the plastic bristles off the bamboo toothbrush before composting. Now, for that safety razor.

Unlike plastic throwaway razors, safety razors can be reused infinitely. All you have to do is change the individual razor blades after every few uses — approximately five to six shaves — and since they are made from sustainable materials, the blades can actually be recycled. The rest of the razor is made to last as it’s metal. Whereas single-use plastic razors, or even reusable plastic razors, do not require much cleaning, it’s important to clean your metal safety razor somewhat regularly.