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How to Reduce Waste During Airplane Travel


Committing to a zero-waste lifestyle in your home is one tier of “challenging.” Step out of the house and it gets one tier harder. Travel somewhere on an airplane? It might seem impossible.

Reducing waste during airplane travel is the least you can do after choosing a not-so-sustainable mode of traveling. That’s right — flying is the second most damaging thing to the planet. Jet fuel is the biggest source of carbon emissions when it comes to air travel, making up more than 98.5 percent of the carbon footprint. Electric rental cars and destinations reachable by train or bus are much eco-friendlier, but the way our world currently works, not always realistic. If you want to visit Costa Rica, a train just isn’t going to get you there. The least you can do is make sure your airplane travel is as low-waste and sustainable as possible. So, how do you achieve that?

Keep reading for five ways to reduce waste during airplane travel!

Pack Your Reusable Items in an Easy-to-Access Carry-on

The most rookie mistake you can make is not packing your reusable items. The second-most rookie mistake you can make is packing them away in a place that’s inaccessible — either in your checked luggage or all the way at the bottom of your carry-on where you can’t reach in and grab it.