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Panda Express Adds Vegan and Vegetarian Meals at All 2,000 Restaurants in Response to Petition


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Like many other chain restaurants have done over the past few months, Panda Express is finally making its menu more inclusive. In response to a petition created by nonprofit organization Vegan Outreach, the fast casual Chinese restaurant is officially adding permanent vegetarian and vegan dishes to the menu, in all of its 2,000-plus locations across the U.S. As Plant Based News added, the options will be completely vegan in every location by the end of February.

As Vegan Outreach's petition explained, Panda Express currently has zero vegan or vegetarian options on its menu. Even its veggie-heavy meals like Eggplant Tofu and Chow Mein are cooked in chicken broth and with other animal products. Since those two meals would be straightforward to veganize, Vegan Outreach asked Panda Express to make those two meals completely vegan, and to consider adding a new entree using vegan meat alternatives. The petition garnered more than 5,000 signatures, and also inspired customers to contact Panda Express about the matter.