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Source: ISTOCK

Zero-Waste Moms Join Forces for #GreenMomsWeek, Showing that Eco-Conscious Parenting Is Not About Perfection


Transitioning to a zero-waste or low-waste lifestyle is a feat of its own — but maintaining a low-waste household when there are children in the mix is some Olympic-level environmentalism. To celebrate their accomplishments as eco-conscious parents, 11 zero-waste moms have come together for the first-ever Green Moms Week on Instagram. Each day during the week of March 10 through March 17, one to two low-waste moms are chronicling their day-to-day life in their Instagram stories, using the hashtag #GreenMomsWeek. The moms all share a goal of teaching their children to care for the Earth — but more importantly, they want to show people that reducing your waste as a parent is not about being perfect.

Instagram mamas Lacey from @naturally_modern and Jessie from @tinyyellowbungalow came up with the idea for #GreenMomsWeek, and the two reached out to nine other moms who document their zero-waste journeys on Instagram. "I'm so excited to be collaborating with these amazing moms who are working hard to cultivate change for the future," @naturally_modern captioned a photo of herself and her son to launch #GreenMomsWeek. "My hope is to share how we navigate a lower impact on the planet by making mindful changes at home."