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Source: iStock

Michelob ULTRA Is Rewarding Environmentally Conscious NYC Marathon Runners for “Plogging”


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If you watch the NYC Marathon this year, be sure to cheer a little extra if you see someone sporting one of the 95 coveted “Team Ultra” bibs — because that means a climate hero just ran by! In order to score one of the spots on Team ULTRA, all you have to do is demonstrate your commitment to the environment by “plogging” during your marathon training. 

In case you aren’t familiar with plogging, it’s a popular past-time in Sweden that combines exercising with making our planet cleaner; essentially, while you’re out on your run or jog, you pick up garbage that you see outdoors. The name is a portmanteau of “plocka upp” — the Swedish word for “pick up” — and jogging. After picking up (or should be plocka upp-ing?) traction in Sweden, the trend has swept the entire planet, with people in Paris, Thailand, and even the United States participating.