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Source: Lucozade Sport

Edible Seaweed Pouches Replaced Plastic Bottles at London Marathon, Reducing Water Bottle Use


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The end of a marathon is kind of like your living room the morning after a house party — except instead of red Solo cups all over your nice carpet, there are usually numerous single-use water bottles littered all along the race route. And while that was still the case at this year's London Marathon, the event did have significantly less plastic waste than usual. That was thanks to the innovative replacement for plastic water bottles that marathon staff handed out to runners: Ooho water capsules, which are edible seaweed pods filled with a sports drink. 

As reported by CNN, at mile 23 of the annual London Marathon, which was held on Sunday, April 28 this year, volunteers handed Ooohos out to runners. The pods were filled with Sports drink company Lucozade Sport's orange-flavored beverage, which is vegan and gluten-free. Sustainable packaging startup Skipping Rocks Lab developed the pods, and worked with Lucozade Sport to fill them with its orange flavor. As explained on Skipping Rocks Lab's website, the pods are made from Notpla, a material derived from seaweed and plants.