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Source: istock

Some California Restaurants Are Adding a Climate Change Tax to the Bill


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California foodies may soon see their restaurant bills tacking on a few extra pennies — but it's all for a good cause. A new program called Restore California, which is part of the Perennial Farming Initiative, allows restaurants to add a 1 percent "climate change tax" to their bills.

Here's how the program works, as explained on Perennial Farming Initiative's website. Any restaurant in the state of California can choose to opt-in and become a Restore California Renewable Restaurant. Those restaurants will add a 1 percent charge to every customer bill, under the line item "CO2 OFFSET." The fee is optional, and customers can choose to decline to pay it, if, for example, they do not support the cause, or if they are tight on cash. However, on a $30 check, that's just a 3-cent charge, and on a $100 check, that's just $1— not a huge difference for someone who has already agreed to dine out and pay for their meal.