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How to Reduce Household Energy


It’s weird to think about but nearly everything you do and everything you use in the home contributes to energy consumption. When you do the laundry, you’re using energy. When the lights are on, you’re using energy. Even if you’re doing something as passive as charging your phone, you are still using energy

Wait, but I’m only consuming energy if I am using something with a plug, right? Not necessarily. When you shower, you’re not just using up water; you’re also consuming energy. Of course, there are some really easy fixes for most kinds of energy consumption. Not only are there simple ways to reduce your energy consumption, but there are also things you can do to make it more tolerable. Keep reading for more!

Unplug Devices You’re Not Using

Sure, you’ve heard this one before, but it goes for more than just your unused cell phone charger. It goes for everything! Not watching TV? Unplug. Not using the dryer? Unplug. It’s a big ask and super inconvenient, but it also has a big payoff. You will see a drastic change on your electric bill — that’s a guarantee.