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7 Zero-Waste Uses for Flaxseed Around the House


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Adding flaxseed to your morning smoothie or açaí bowl is great and all, but there is so much more to flax than just aiding in digestion. Flaxseed comes in two main varieties, brown and golden, both of which are known for their powerful digestion-regulating properties. Often sold in bulk, whole and ground flaxseed have gotten a reputation in health communities for enhancing recipes like smoothies, salads, granola, and even working as a thickening agent in place of eggs. (Ever seen a flaxseed “egg” in the co-op or heard of a flaxseed “egg wash?”)

But flaxseed is more than just trendy. It has so many delicious benefits for both the internal and external body. The alpha-linolenic acid in flaxseed helps reduce inflammation that can cause arthritis, asthma, chronic heart issues, diabetes, and even breast, colon, and prostate cancers.