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Source: Stocksnap

What Are Superfoods?

By Koty Neelis

You've probably heard the word "superfood" used in some variation over the last few years to describe a food people are swearing is the holy grail of all things nutritious and delicious. Some of them you're already familiar with -- like kale, almonds, blueberries, and salmon— but others you might not know as well. And what criteria makes something a superfood, anyway? Let's break down what the trendy food term means and how superfoods can impact your health.

We all know it's important to eat our daily dose of fruit and vegetables but a "superfood" just means food (usually plant-based, though some include fish and dairy) that's packed with nutrients. It's simply a marketing term to describe something known to be nutrient dense and good for your health. 

And some foods are described as "super" because they offer more vitamins and health benefits than other common foods we consume. Not only are superfoods brain-boosting, but they can fight disease, help with weight loss, tackle high cholesterol, and fight cancer, amongst many other things. And the best of all? They're pretty delicious.