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Source: Pixabay/Pexels

The Vegan Egg Replacements Every Cook Needs To Know

By Nicole Caldwell

When I went vegan at 19, I thought I would never be able to live without cheese. And in fairness, that was—and continues to be—a very daunting part of the diet. Full disclosure: This is coming from an Italian woman who was raised on creamy pasta sauces, stuffed shells, and baked ziti.

But what was far more challenging, and took a whole lot more getting used to, was figuring out replacements for eggs. I’d already seen all the animal rights videos and knew I didn’t want to support large-scale egg production. But I also didn’t want to feel like my diet was totally restrictive. So after months and months of ordering dry, whole-wheat toast at brunch outings with friends, foregoing cookies and other baked treats, and missing the mayo I loved on my sandwiches, I started looking into creative ways to be vegan without feeling starved of one of the most universal ingredients in the world.

Non-vegan foods are actually easy to replace. This is in no short order due to the insane accessibility of faux meats, plant-based milks, and the technological advances of companies like Hampton Creek and Memphis Meats. But when it comes to eggs, there are simple ingredients that can do all the heavy lifting without relating back to factory farms.