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Source: Courtesy of DeliverZero

How This New Company Is Taking the Waste Out of Restaurant Delivery


Ordering restaurant delivery in New York City with zero packaging waste is virtually impossible — but three young Brooklyn parents are working to change that with DeliverZero, their new zero-waste restaurant delivery service that just launched in NYC. DeliverZero is basically a greener version of Seamless, allowing customers to order food from their favorite restaurants as per usual, but packaging the food in returnable and reusable containers. To learn more about how DeliverZero works — and the company’s plans to take over NYC delivery — Green Matters interviewed Adam Farbiarz, co-founder of DeliverZero. 

Farbiarz and his co-founders Lauren Sweeney and Byron Sorrells launched DeliverZero in November 2019 in partnership with eight restaurants, currently only delivering to the Park Slope and Prospect Heights neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Ordering from DeliverZero is just as simple as ordering from Seamless, GrubHub, Postmates, or whichever service you are used to — just visit the DeliverZero website, choose a restaurant, select your food, put in your address, and pay. A delivery person will bring your order right to your door — packaged in reusable containers.