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7 of the Best Thrift Stores in Austin, Texas



Secondhand shopping has become a cornerstone of hipsters, American "Pickers," and anyone looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle. And if you live in Austin, Texas, you’ll probably notice that thrifting has become quite fashionable these days. While there are dozens of perfectly serviceable secondhand stores in the city, we have worked hard to gather the absolute best of the best thrift stores in Austin. That way, you can shop with confidence. 

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Why are thrift stores sustainable?

There are a million reasons why people choose to shop at thrift stores. Maybe they need something old or specific for a costume or themed event. Perhaps they like vintage housewares or clothing. They might even be a collector of rare knick-knacks. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that secondhand shopping is one of the best ways to lower one’s environmental impact and live more sustainably

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Buying recycled pieces of clothing or furniture decreases the overall demand for new items and saves the perfectly good items from the landfill. Because these pieces already exist, they require no additional resources to produce, so nothing new is being manufactured. Less pollution, classic looks, and the right price? Count us in!

What are the best thrift stores in Austin?

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We have put together a comprehensive list of some of the best thrift stores in Austin, Texas, so that if you live there or even if you’re just visiting, you know exactly where to get the hottest secondhand deals around. 

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Uptown Cheapskate

Uptown Cheapskate has one of the best reputations and some of the best deals of any shop on this list. It's a resale shop that sells new and vintage clothes, offering deals of up to 90 percent off brand pricing on some of the top brands around, including Nike and Levi. Uptown Cheapskate takes in new clothes all the time, and as part of the store's resell program, its sellers offer either cash or the same amount plus 25 percent of in-store credit. 

Uptown Cheapskate also has the added bonus of being a personal recommendation from a member of our staff who happens to live in Austin! 

Address: 3005 S Lamar Blvd, Ste 110-A

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Austin Pets Alive! Thrift

Austin Pets Alive! Thrift is unique in several ways. Not only is it a thrift store with three locations that all specialize in boutique-style shopping for mainly new or gently-used pieces, but it also happens to be attached to a no-kill pet shelter called Austin Pets Alive! 

The owners use all the proceeds from thrift store purchases towards the animals in their care. These purchases fund not only the daily care of these shelter pets but other community programs as well. Good buys and good vibes!

Addresses : 5102 Clarkson Ave, 5801 Burnet Rd, and 1409 W Oltorf St

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Treasure City Thrift

Treasure City Thrift is a true treasure trove to behold. At first glance, it may seem like any of the other thrift stores on this list, at least as far as the quality of their merchandise is concerned. But if you look again, you’ll see a collectively-owned shop full of dedicated people who work hard to give back to their community. Treasure City Thrift works with local charities and even features special deals like occasional Saturdays where everything is $0.25. Now that’s giving back!

Address: 2142 E 7th St

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Top Drawer Thrift

There are dozens of thrift stores on Burnet Road, but few stand out as much as Top Drawer Thrift. Not only is the distinctive green building home to one of the coolest selections of vintage rock T-shirts, dresses, and old radios, but you’ll also be pulled in by the relaxed atmosphere and eclectic mix of collectible merchandise. It’s a casual joint, comparatively, but that's what makes it special. 

Address: 4902 Burnet Rd

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Buffalo Exchange

Located near the University of Texas at Austin campus, Buffalo Exchange is a nationwide thrift store with a boutique sensibility. This consignment store allows its clients to trade and sell pieces while offering shoppers exquisite pieces from high-end designers at affordable prices. Note that the store buys clothes seasonally, so there should always be something you’re looking for. 

Address: 2904 Guadalupe St

Far Out Home Fittings

Far Out Home Fittings has a psychedelic air about the place, but don’t let that fool you. Savvy thrifters will appreciate not only the vast selection of vintage and refurbished furniture, but also the downright affordable pricing. Far out also has a wide selection of musical instruments, fashion, and, as the website puts it, “eclectic oddities.” That sounds like our kind of spot!

Address: 1500 W Ben White Blvd

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Goodwill Lakeway

While not exactly “in Austin,” this Goodwill location is especially sought after by thrifters because of its location in Lakeway, Texas — a community far wealthier than many in the Austin city limits. If you’re up for taking a drive a little out of Austin, this is the place to go. You’ll find brand names aplenty across a large number of new and slightly-used pieces, all donated by Lakeway’s affluent donors.

Address: 1901 Ranch Rd 620 S, Lakeway, Texas

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