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Source: Twitter

Jaden Smith Draws Inspiration From Elon Musk With 'JUST Water'

By Brian Spaen

With the bottled water industry booming, a major problem that needs to be fixed is the amount of plastic waste that’s generated. Backed by celebrity power, JUST Water is founded in part of Jaden Smith, son of famous actor Will Smith. At just 19 years of age, he hopes to revolutionize the bottled water industry in similar fashion to Elon Musk’s approach to electric vehicles.

JUST Water brings a box-like container that’s made from paper and plant-based product. The goal is to limit carbon dioxide emissions in both production and disposal, and each container can be recycled. The mouth of the bottle is enlarged so it’s easy to refill, encouraging customers to reuse the container.

Smith founded the JUST brand back in 2015 with environmental activist Drew Fitzgerald. The latter has also co-founded SDG Engine, who attaches social entrepreneurs with investors to achieve the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals. Both Smith and Fitzgerald opted for their first project to focus on eliminating plastic bottle waste.