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Adidas Turns Ocean Pollution Into Cool New Sneakers

By Brian Spaen

Three years ago, Adidas was hit with a scandal on their 2014 FIFA World Cup equipment. Products contained toxins that could affect the environment and our health. It was a serious blow a company that committed to get rid of any hazardous material back in 2011. Not only are they on a better path now, but they’ve even found a way create shoes from unique recycled material.

Greenpeace Germany conducted an investigation on athletic material leading up to the prestigious soccer championships held every four years. They determined that Adidas was one of the companies, along with Nike and Puma, that had high toxin levels in their products. The “Predator” soccer boots were tagged with some of the highest perfluorinated chemicals, or PFCs, found. It was even well above Adidas’ restricted standards.

Specifically, the perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, that was found in the footwear can be extremely dangerous to the environment. Any ingestion of this product, which can happen if it gets in our food through environmental pollution, can damage reproductive organs and cause cancer. Other chemicals found in these products can affect aquatic life or even can cause skin issues when in direct contact.