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Source: Erwin Zwart/The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup Receives Over $30 Million To Remove Waste In Pacific Waters

By Brian Spaen

10 percent of all our waste we create is plastic. That doesn’t seem like a large number initially, but it expands quite greatly when put into perspective. In a different way, as water bottle consumption continues to grow in America, over 35 billion of those are thrown away. Much of that waste enters our oceans and is the cause of mass pollution in the waters. A Dutch company has a goal to eliminate as much of that waste as possible, and they’re well on their way after raising over $30 million in funding.

Source: The Ocean Cleanup

Known simply as “The Ocean Cleanup,” this group was started up by entrepreneur Boyan Slat. He explained his vision at a TED talk five years ago when he was just 18 years old. Through natural ocean currents, a long V-shaped screen would push through the water to pick up plastic while sea animals would still be able to go under the obstacle with the current. All this plastic would be pushed to a specific area, where it would then be plucked out and recycled.