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Source: Liberty University

This Fashion Student Is Growing His Own Clothes

By Tessa Love

While most fashion students tend to concentrate on mastering draping or designing colorful collections, Liberty University student Luis Quijano has been consumed with a project of a different nature: growing his own clothes. 

Through the unlikely pairing of fashion, microbiology and mechanical engineering, Quijano has produced a leather-like material composed of fermented water, sugar, green tea, and kombucha. The resulting fabric is a sustainable, durable material that can be crafted into any number of fashionable designs. 

Quijano got the idea for his home-grown clothes from a TED talk by fashion designer Suzanne Lee, who also makes a material out of a kombucha-derived substance. He was excited by the abstract idea, but also realized for the first time how unsustainable the fashion industry really is.