Cleaner Warns Against These 5 Impossible-to-Clean House Features


Sep. 28 2023, Published 12:32 p.m. ET

Cleaning your house can be a chore. But did you know that certain things you have in your home may be making cleaning even harder?

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In a viral TikTok video, the New Zealand-based cleaning company Leaders Cleaning shared five things they would not have in their house after being a cleaner. And as of September 2023, the video has received 1.5 million views.

Here are the five hard-to-clean house features that the cleaners say they wouldn’t have in their home:

Pocket-like kitchen handles

Kitchen drawers with pocket-like handles
Source: iStock

You know those kitchen cabinet drawer handles that look like an upside-down half-dome? Well, they may be easy to grab and open the drawer with, but they are apparently also a pain in the butt to clean. These handles “rarely get properly cleaned and disinfected deep inside. It is also a mission to do it,” the Leaders Cleaning video said.

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Round shower cabin

The bottom of a round shower cabin.
Source: iStock

Round shower cabins are those compact showers that fit in the corner of a bathroom. They are popular in Europe or in homes that don’t have a lot of space. The problem with cleaning them is with the tracks of the sliding glass shower doors. Overall, a round shower cabin is “harder to clean, squeegee, and get into sliding fixtures,” the cleaner narrating the video said, adding that a it “could save space but would keep as a last resort.”

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Black glassed coffee table or furniture

A black glass coffee table and velvet couches.
Source: iStock

You want to avoid black furniture for the same reasons you wouldn’t buy a black car: they show every little speck of dirt they come into contact with. These tables reflect “dust so much, even when cleaned frequently,” said Leaders Cleaning.

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Kitchen rug

A dog waiting for its owner to drop something on the kitchen rug.
Source: Getty Images

Do you have a rug in your kitchen? If so, you’re not alone. Many people do. But whenever you prepare a meal in the kitchen, stuff will inevitably fall on the floor. Unless you have a dog at your feet waiting to scarf up what you drop, that stuff collects onto your kitchen rug. Basically, a kitchen rug “looks good but gets dirty constantly with all the cooking,” the cleaner said.

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Ceiling-high wardrobe mirrors

Ceiling-high mirrors on a bedroom closet.
Source: iStock

Even if you are tall, you may not be tall enough to reach the top of a wardrobe mirror that goes all the way to the ceiling. According to Bob Vila, the standard ceiling height is 9 feet. So, unless you are a basketball player or giant — or if you want to frequently take out a step stool — you won’t have much luck reaching the top of the mirror to clean it.

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Plus, mirrors in your wardrobe closet are a bad idea overall, because you will be opening and closing them daily and getting your grimy fingerprints all over the mirror. Since these are “used often, there are always fingerprints and hard to polish at the very top,” Leaders Cleaning said.

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A commenter on one of Leaders Cleaning asked if the account could do a video on what they fixtures they would have in their home instead, to which Leaders Cleaning replied: “Will definitely work on it very soon.”

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