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Source: cleancult/instagram

This Subscription Box Of Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Gives Back To Puerto Rico

By Marissa Higgins

No matter what sort of home you live in, everyone uses cleaning products. Most of us want to use the most eco-friendly cleaning products available, provided that they're affordable and accessible. We also want products that work well. 

Along with the daily grind of responsibilities, running errands, and keeping up with groceries, buying household items, like cleaning products, can fall to the side. The easiest solution? A subscription service that automatically sends products to you when you need them, ensuring that you never run out of your detergent or dish soap.

A unique cleaning subscription service is Cleancult, which is special for two main reasons. First, their products are entirely non-toxic. They are all plant-and mineral-based, as well as biodegradable. Even cooler? They're serious about giving back. For each load of laundry purchased, they are donating one load to a person in need in Puerto Rico.