Ice Rollers May Help Soothe the Skin and Blemishes: 5 Skincare Benefits

Ice rollers may help soothe the skin and battle blemishes — learn how to use ice rollers to tighten skin and decrease face puffiness at home.


Feb. 22 2024, Published 3:53 p.m. ET

Girl at salon getting facial ice stick massage
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Unlike the super popular and solid jade roller, ice rollers contain either water or gel that freezes inside a handheld applicator. People roll the frozen tip across their face to supposedly improve their skin — but are there actually benefits of ice rolling on your face? The simple beauty hack can help soothe your skin, among other purported skincare gains.

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To use an ice roller, first, let it get cold in the fridge or freezer. Then, gently massage your skin with the ice roller for up to 10-15 minutes, per Gameela Skin, or as long as your ice roller’s packaging directs.

You can also achieve similar benefits by using a jade face roller or gua sha, if you already have one at home. Just place the tool in the fridge or freezer until cold.

Read on to learn about five of the benefits you could enjoy by trying ice rolling at home — but before you do get started, make sure you consult with your physician or dermatologist to see if ice rolling is right for you.

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Pink ice face roller globe sitting atop a tray.
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Ice rolling can tighten the skin.

The body constricts blood vessels to retain heat when cold, per a 2022 study about hypertension. As blood vessels shrink, they pull your pores closer to tighten your skin. So theoretically, using an ice roller on your face can tighten and firm up your skin.

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Puffiness decreases after ice rolling.

Ice can reduce swelling and inflammation — and the same goes for natural swelling on your face. NYC-based dermatologist Hadley King explained to National Geographic that using ice in skincare treatments can shrink blood vessels, and help "skin look less red and puffy."

So roll the tip wherever you have puffiness, like under your eyes.

You may improve blood flow with an ice roller.

A study published in 2018 by PubMed found that using a facial roller to massage the face for just five minutes can improve blood flow. This study focused on facial rollers that do not involve ice, proving that using your ice roller or jade roller at room temperature can have benefits as well.

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You could better absorb skincare products.

Face roller on top of tray of ice
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You can actually use your ice roller to apply skincare products, such as lotions or serums. According to skincare company Comfort Zone, which is a Certified B Corp, as the ice roller tightens your pores, it can also help your skin better absorb skincare products.

Muscle tension can disappear with an ice roller’s cold temperature.

A 2021 study about heat and cold therapy noted reduced muscle tension after ice treatments. You might have some facial aches or soreness if your body instinctively tightens the muscles in your face or jaw when you feel stressed. Using an ice roller wherever your face aches may help reduce your discomfort naturally.

Again, we recommend consulting with your dermatologist or another healthcare professional before making any major changes to your skincare routine.

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