What Happened to Wondermilk, the Dairy-Free Milk Alternative From So Delicious?


Aug. 18 2023, Published 4:36 p.m. ET

Little girl drinking milk alternative.
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Whether it’s because of milk allergies or a vegan diet, many people opt for milk alternatives rather than drinking milk from a cow. Soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, and coconut milk are all options for replacing dairy in your diet.

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For a short while, one unique product in the dairy-free milk industry was Wondermilk, a milk alternative that reportedly tasted “like the real thing,” and was produced by vegan company So Delicious, owned by Danone.

However, most of the product line has mysteriously disappeared from store shelves and websites. What happened to Wondermilk?

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What is Wondermilk?

While most dairy-free milk is made with water and just one main ingredient — like soy, oats, coconut, or almonds — Wondermilk is a blend of different milk alternatives. According to GoDairyFree, Wondermilk is a plant-based “milk” made of an oat, coconut, and soy milk blend. The milk came in two varieties: whole and 2 percent reduced fat.

In a taste test of three plant-based milks by Consumer Reports, Wondermilk came out on top as the milk alternative closest to cow’s milk in taste and texture.

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What happened to Wondermilk?

If you want to buy Wondermilk at the store, you unfortunately won’t find it. So Delicious apparently discontinued making Wondermilk. A 2023 Reddit post in the subreddit forum r/vegan included a response one Reddit user received when they emailed So Delicious to find out what happened to Wondermilk.

“We’re always looking to create the best dairy-free product choice for our consumers,” the So Delicious email stated. “As for now, our Wondermilk Beverages (Whole Fat and Reduced Fat) are no longer being produced.”

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“We’re always looking to optimize the best product choices for our consumers. By streamlining our portfolio of products, we hope to better focus on bringing forward new offerings that are driving excitement and demand now and in the future,” the statement continued.

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Fans of Wondermilk weren’t happy to hear that the milk alternative beverage had been discontinued.

“Wondermilk is my favorite, I was just telling someone about it yesterday,” one person replied to the Reddit post.

“It's the only thing I’ve found that tastes identical to milk. I’m so upset it’s been discontinued and I don’t understand why, it’s the only thing like it on the market!” posted another.

“Dang it!! It was my go to favorite milk alternative. I've been scrambling trying other products to find anything even close to it. They could cut another product to make room for this certainly. I guess the search continues,” another Wondermilk fan wrote on the Reddit post.

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So Delicious still makes a few products with Wondermilk.

If you were a Wondermilk fan, you might be interested in the other products in the Wondermilk product line that are still produced by So Delicious. For example, the brand is still selling its Wondermilk Frozen Desserts, which are various ice cream products made with wondermilk.

Pints of So Delicious Wondermilk Frozen Dessert come in five flavors.

  • Buttery Pecan

  • Vanilla

  • Chocolat Cocoa Chip

  • Cookies & Creme

  • Strawberry.

The brand also makes Wondermilk Frozen Sundae Cones in two flavors: Salted Caramel and Vanilla Peanut.

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