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Source: counter culture

5 Plant-Based Restaurants In The South You Don't Want To Miss


A plant-based restaurant comes with a lot of stereotypes. Just vegetables? Healthy? Expensive? Based in New York City or Los Angeles? Luckily, these stereotypes don't have to hold true. Plant-based dining, which is generally either vegan or vegetarian, is a diverse corner of the food world. Some plant-based establishments put an emphasis on whole-source, organic, nutritious dishes that lean healthy. Others recreate comfort food and put a vegan spin on things like pizza, macaroni and cheese, and your favorite deli sandwich.

Plant-based restaurants are also found all across the U.S. Even in the South, where cuisine is often summed up as fried, meat-heavy, and indulgent, you can find plant-based restaurants that are not only surviving, but thriving. Vegans and vegetarians certainly live in the South, but what's more, people enjoy plant-based dining no matter what their diet is. 

Plant-based restaurants also tend to offer a great spin on local cuisine, making creative changes to regional favorites while still keeping the fundamental essence of the dish. Here are some favorites: