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Source: Stocksnap

This Is How Hotels Save Money By Reducing Their Food Waste

By Brian Spaen

Hotels can benefit greatly from reducing potential food loss in their kitchens. According to a three-year study by the Champions 12.3 coalition, they’ve determined that hotels can save $7 in operating costs for every $1 invested into programs that reduce food waste. Results show that minimal investment is needed and most companies make it all back in two years.

The study involved 42 hotels across 15 countries implementing methods to cut back on food waste in their kitchens. A wide variety of hotels were looked at from budget to luxurious accomodations. Nearly all of them had a significant positive return on their investments; 90 percent of the companies were able to keep their costs below $20,000 and 95 percent made that back entirely in just two years.

Five different actions were noted in the success of food conservation at these hotels. In the beginning, they would account for what kinds of food was wasted and how much. Kitchen staff would be more informed in the process as most of them already had the ambition to help cut back on food waste.