Looking to Spruce Up Your Indoor Garden? Here are 7 of the Best Grow Lights For Every Budget

Jonathan Paul Balchandani, aka @thebeardedplantaholic on TikTok, recommends positioning bulbs between 30 and 90 centimeters from the plant.

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Mar. 21 2024, Published 9:45 a.m. ET

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It's no secret that houseplants are fussy. Back in 2020, a wholesome meme spread throughout the Twittersphere, as plant parents exposed their plant babies for being drama queens. Amused users posted photos of their plants before and after being watered. These wilting, crumpled, poor things suddenly looked healthy and spry with just a bit of water and attention. Many of us nurture messy houseplants that live for drama; we might as well give them a spotlight. Specifically, we mean grow lights.

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During the greyer months, your leafy babies may be craving some light. According to Toronto's Urban Gardener, plants will show signs that they need more light, usually in the form of etoliation (aka when they start looking leggy), loss of variegation, and faded coloring.

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Because they're energy-efficient, long-lasting, and cool to the touch, LED lights are super popular when it comes to grow lights. Though they're known to emit blue light, which can negatively impact physical and mental health in people, they're still the superior option. Just be sure to spend time away from LEDs prior to bedtime.

Here are the best grow lights for your flourishing indoor garden.

For all you crazy plant people with glowing green thumbs, we've compiled a diverse list of the best grow lights on the internet. From beginner table lamps to hanging bars for the experienced indoor farmer, you've got options.

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Soltech Aspect LED Growlight

Being one of the sleeker options on our list, the Soltech Aspect LED Growlight was handmade in Bethlehem, Pa., to give indoor plants a boost via "warm-white light" and a color temperature of 3000k. With an aluminum body, a 15-foot fabric cord, and an outlet timer, this energy-efficient grow light has been deemed "best reviewed indoor plant light on the internet."

Verified buyer Lindsay N. gave the light a rave review: " In two weeks it’s already perked up my Fiddle leaf and two new leaves are unfurling on my birds of paradise."

Shop Now — $200

Spider Farmer 2024 New SF600 LED Grow Light

Though Spider Farmer lights are seemingly geared toward cannabis growing, you don't have to be a devil's lettuce expert to reap the benefits of the 2024 New SF600 LED Grow Light. YouTube's Geeky Greenhouse recommends this light for those with a seed starting shelf, despite it not including a dimmer knob.

Because it features sunlike broadband full spectrum light, Spider Farmer claims its product "has a significant impact on plant germination, flowering, fruiting, chlorophyll synthesis of plants, and photosynthesis."

Shop Now — $119.99
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Terrain LED Rectangle Grow Light

Two succulents sitting on a desk under a grow light.
Source: Terrain

Are you a plant newb, perhaps with a new Echeveria elegans friend? Terrain's LED Rectangle Grow Light may be for you! This anti-glare 10-watt LED lamp features a dimmer, a timer, and full spectrum lighting that boasts a "warm white hue." Terrain claims this grow light (which includes a bamboo tray) gives off the right amount of light for succulents to photosynthesize.

With a goal to give back, Terrain is proud of its past partnerships with nonprofits like Nest and The Nature Conservancy.

Shop Now — $68

Barrina Vertical Standing Plant Grow Light

Many plant enthusiasts on TikTok have raved about Barrina's offerings, including @ohtheplacesyoullgrow and @juni.plants. The 4-foot Vertical Standing Plant Grow Light is a favorite on the clock app because it takes up little space, it's fairly affordable, lightweight, and features wide coverage, full spectrum, 42-watt lighting. Your tall tropical plants will love the reach of this grow light. (There's also a 2-foot version!)

Shop Now — $59.48
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Brite Labs Saber Trio

Started by a group of passionate indoor gardeners, Brite Labs prides itself on its "commitment to energy efficiency and focus on staying environmentally conscious." Perfect for seed starting, popular houseplants, and succulents, the Saber Trio gooseneck grow light features an optimized spectrum, as "red and blue light replaces the need for natural light." With six brightness settings and a timer, this affordable offering is easy and customizable.

Shop Now — $14.97

Sansi 36-Watt Grow Light Bulb

Hey, maybe you're just looking for a superb bulb. If that's the case, TikTok's @thebeardedplantaholic recommends the Sansi 36-Watt Grow Light Bulb because it's long-lasting, affordable, has minimal running costs, and helps plants grow big and luscious. It features a unique ceramic body and a full spectrum "infinitely close to natural light," making it ideal for all plant growth stages.

Shop Now — $26.97

Mother PlantSpectrum32 Grow Light

She's the mother of all grow lights and the most expensive on our list. TikTok creator @tannertheplanter loves the Mother PlantSpectrum32 Grow Light for its durable recycled aluminum body (which allows for passive cooling), long lifespan, educational app, and waterproof factor.

"MOTHER grow lights score a 97 out of 100 on the [color rendering index] and 92 percent [photosynthetic active radiation], which means the colors of light are atop the highest of industry accuracy," he says in a TikTok video.

Shop Now — $229
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