Is Jennifer Aniston Vegan?
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Is Jennifer Aniston Vegan? A Look Into the Star's Lifestyle

Rayna Skiver - Author

Nov. 11 2022, Published 12:38 p.m. ET

In Jennifer Aniston’s new interview with Allure, it seems that the star enjoys a nice homemade shake. Allure describes the random ingredients: powders, nuts, something that’s ground-up, a banana, shavings of some sort, and of course, chocolate.

Without the specifics, the recipe sounds like it could be plant-based — is Jennifer Aniston vegan? Luckily, we have enough information to get to the bottom of things.

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Is Jennifer Aniston vegan?

Is Jennifer Aniston Vegan?
Source: Getty Images

Upon further investigation, Aniston is not vegan. On Instagram, she shared her homemade shake ingredients: chocolate almond milk, cherries, a banana, a few drops of stevia, antioxidants, ice, and two scoops of Vital Proteins Chocolate Collagen Peptides — which makes this shake not vegan, as ground-up animal bones, cartilage, and skin.

Despite the collagen peptides, it’s clear that Aniston seems to favor a lot of plant-based ingredients. In her post, she said spinach, cinnamon, matcha powder, and almond butter are also key players in her shakes.

So we know her shake isn’t vegan, but it’s pretty close. What about the rest of Aniston’s diet?

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For breakfast, the actress starts her day off with lemon water followed by coffee with a little bit of milk and stevia. And then she might whip up some avocado toast with eggs or oatmeal with egg whites, according to EatingWell.

Aniston keeps it pretty basic for lunch. She favors a chicken burger inside a lettuce wrap or seared ahi tuna with a salad — not exactly vegan friendly. Aniston said that she likes to keep raw vegetables and hard-boiled eggs on hand too, EatingWell reported.

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And finally, for dinner, she likes to make her own version of carbonara. Instead of pork, Aniston adds in turkey bacon, and she avoids the butter and creams.

While this is definitely not adding up to be a vegan diet, she certainly favors some plant-based foods. But what’s with all the eggs?

Aniston does make an effort to live sustainably, it seems.

Aniston has a chicken coop in her backyard, according to Allure. This is probably the reason behind her slight egg addiction — being able to step outside and grab an egg or two is pretty convenient.

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Having a chicken coop at home can be a more environmentally-friendly way to consume eggs, Green American explained. However, taking eggs from hens still presents a host of ethical issues, even when they are backyard hens who are lovingly cared for.

Along with Aniston's backyard, headlines have mentioned her eco-friendly home renovations. In 2017, Architectural Digest took a walk around her Beverly Hills property and discovered some environmentally-conscious choices.

In the interview, Aniston noted that the Brazilian cumaru was harvested from already fallen trees rather than cut down. Her roof was also described as having extensive solar panels.

In addition to Aniston’s house, she has a haircare line called LolaVie that is certified cruelty-free, vegan, and uses eco-friendly packaging. The LolaVie website states that it’s “committed to doing its part for the planet and to being more sustainable."

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