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Source: Twitter

'Project Hesla' Is The World's First Hydrogen-Powered Tesla


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Elon Musk has made it pretty clear that he believes using hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative for vehicles isn’t the right option when it comes to moving forward with green energy. However, this hasn’t stopped many automakers from still pursuing the technology on their own. It’s also led to one of Musk’s very own Teslas getting the hydrogen treatment by a Netherlands gas supplier. The result? A vehicle with double the original range. 

Using alternative hydrogen fuel cells has been a controversial topic for years. Musk doesn’t even consider it debatable, calling the solution “an incredibly dumb one to pick.” He argues that it’s difficult to store hydrogen inside of a car and claims that it runs at half the efficiency of batteries. Of course, multiple automakers, like Toyota and GM, have still pursued hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.