Where Your Cat Chooses to Sleep in Bed Could Have a Deeper Meaning Than You Know

Kori Williams - Author

Oct. 26 2023, Published 3:08 p.m. ET

A cat sleeping on a person's chest.
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The Gist:

  • Plenty of cat parents sleep with their pets.
  • There are some practical reasons your cat likes to sleep on your chest.
  • Some people believe that where your cat chooses to sleep can have a spiritual meaning.
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Sometimes having a pet means putting up with some seemingly silly behavior. Some pets like to lick people's toes, watch while their humans go to the bathroom, or sneak up when they aren't being watched to steal food. Although most of this is harmless, it can make us question what is going on in their heads.

If you have a cat who sleeps in bed with you, you might have noticed they like to sleep in a particular place. And if your cat likes to sleep on you, it could fill your heart with all kinds of feelings. But is there something else going on? Does your cat sleeping on your chest have a spiritual meaning? Some people believe so.

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A cat sleeping on a woman's chest in front of a fireplace.
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Does my cat sleeping on your chest have a spiritual meaning?

This could be true. Although there is no scientific background for spiritual beliefs, there are people who believe that when a cat sleeps on your chest, it speaks to a deeper meaning than just your kitty having a comfortable place to rest. Khepera Wellness calls it a "mystical bond" between a person and an animal.

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Throughout history in different cultures, cats had deep significance. History points out that in ancient Egyptian households, cats were seen as "symbols of divinity and protection." So Khepera Wellness mentions that when a cat sleeps on your chest, it could mean the feline is using some kind of "spiritual power" to protect you.

A cat sleeping on a person's chest.
Source: iStock
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Additionally, a cat sleeping on your chest could be a symbol of the trust between you both. Just like cuddles are comforting, a cat could find an emotional warmth from laying on their favorite person. This may not only strengthen the bond between you two, but also become a moving experience.

Does my cat sleeping above my head have a spiritual meaning?

If your cat likes sleeping above your head at night, it could also mean something deeper. Spiritual Desk says that when cats do this, it can be interpreted as the kitty taking in your negative energy and giving you back positive energy. This also could be looked at as protecting you from evil spirits like a furry guardian angel.

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Of course, when you sleep with any pet, you can feel connected to them. But this closeness could also be a link between your spirit and the "ethereal realm." It can open up a spiritual path for you to follow.

A black and white cat laying on a bed with a girl.
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Regardless of where your kitty sleeps, we can all agree that you must have a deep comforting connection with them if they sleep so close to you so often. Each source mentioned that the bond or care the cat must have with you is something they truly feel on a deep level.

Whether you believe in the spiritual meanings or not, the closeness you have in sleeping together is something special.

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