13 Eco-Friendly Games To Play With Your Friends and Family

From cards to board games, here are 13 pastimes that have gotten an eco-friendly upgrade; from environmental focuses to sustainably sourced materials.


May 14 2019, Updated 4:48 p.m. ET

Board games have always been a great way to bring friends and family together, but they're rarely eco-friendly. Whether it's plastic materials or lots of unnecessary packaging, games can be pretty rough on the environment. Nowadays, there are endless options for greener ways to play. Whether a traditional game like bingo or Monopoly with a new environmental slant, or just cards and table games made with more eco-friendly materials, the sky's the limit on how to spend your time with loved ones.

Below are 13 lucky games for you to play indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between. Also, keep in mind that second hand or gently used games are also a great option that can help keep items out of landfills!

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1. Bug Bingo

This is not your grandma’s bingo. Learn about creepy crawlers like the Giant Hawker Dragonfly in this colorful bingo set which features 64 bug species. Pick one up on Amazon for $27.10.

2. Tic-Tac-Toe

This version of the classic past-time is handmade in the USA using baltic birch wood for the board. You can grab a set from This And That Etc. for $20. Looking for a more minimalist version? See Hangman below for an even simpler way to play.

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3. UNO, Wilderness Edition

Card games are key for on-the-go entertainment while camping, road-tripping, or fishing. This wilderness-themed UNO set gives the coveted “wild card” a new meaning. Grab one here for $5.99.

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4. Wooden Yard Dice

Ideal for outdoor parties like weddings and barbecues, this set of six extra-large dice is perfect for anyone feeling lucky. Pick up a set here for $24.99. Not into gambling? Put on your strategy game face with these jumbo wooden dominoes for $19.99.

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5. Bicycle Playing Cards, Eco Edition

This special deck of cards was made with green materials like veggie-based inks, starch-based laminating, and sustainable forest paper. The case and deck are also completely recyclable. You can get your hands on these for $8.98.

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6. Kubb

Kubb is a lawn game that’s been played for centuries using shock-absorbent wood. It can be played on grass, sand, or snow during any outdoor occasion. Learn more about the rules here. You can pick a set up on Amazon for $38.45.

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7. Bioviva

Rack up eco-points playing this trivia board game which covers topics like solar systems, plants, and animals. The game itself is recyclable and made with recycled materials using veggie-based inks. Buy one here for $68.99.

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8. Jenga, National Parks Edition

Jenga has a new nail-biting edition that highlights over 100 facts about national parks. Get it here for $18.98. For another unique option, you can also pick up Bureo’s Jenga edition which is the first board game made from 100-percent recycled fishing nets. Those are priced at $49.95.

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9. Hangman

There’s always a more eco-friendly way to play old classics like Hangman. Use a scrap of paper to play with sustainable crayons like these, made from 100-percent beeswax; or these easy-to-hold, nontoxic and erasable crayons. Pick up a dozen Honeysticks here for $22.99 or grab these 10 Left Right Crayons for $10.65.

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10. Kartoni Foosball Table

Foosball is known as a clunky, heavy game. But the team at Kartoni has created an eco-friendly foosball table that is made with recycled (and recyclable!) cardboard. While it is lightweight, the table is very sturdy and can be easily assembled. The height can also be customized for kids. Pick one up here for $259

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11. Ocean-Opoly

An eco-twist on the traditional Monopoly game, Ocean-Opoly lets players buy their favorite sea animals and learn about the ocean through facts on the deeds. To swim around the board, buy one on Amazon for $29.45. More interested in other types of nature? There are several variations like Garden-Opoly, Farm-Opoly, and Wild Animal-opoly.

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12. Bird Dominoes

This set of 28 dominoes with bird artwork is made with locally sourced, sustainably harvested maple wood. Grab a set here for $23.89 and start getting your birds in a row.

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13. Go Fish, Untamed America Edition

This twist on the traditional Go Fish card game is a great way to learn about the wild animals in North America. Get the Untamed America single set deck from Amazon for $6.99.

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