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Source: Composite: iStock, Caraway

Which Cookware Is Best for Your Health and the Environment?


When looking to purchase environmentally-friendly and safe cookware, there are so many things to take into account: Are the pots and pans non-toxic? Non-stick? Plastic-free? Easy to clean? Made ethically? And of course, will they do a good job of actually cooking? In my experience, a lot of cookware only ticks a few boxes on my mental checklist of attributes that make up a perfect pot or pan. So a while ago, my Type A/nerdy self started fantasizing about turning that mental list into an actual list, and ranking a few of the most popular types of cookware to see which is best.

After several years of casually stressing over the safety of the pots and pans in my cabinet, I have finally done all the research and begun transitioning my collection towards being as safe for the environment and my health as possible. So read on to see how five popular types of pots and pans stack up (pun intended) in terms of function, toxicity, environmental impact, and more.