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Source: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The Late "Grandfather" of Climate Science Shared One Last Key to Solving Global Warming, Just Before His Death


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Last month, Wallace Smith Broecker, widely known as the "grandfather" of climate science, passed away at 87. As The Guardian reported in his obituary, Broecker is responsible for popularizing the phrase “global warming,” thanks to an article he wrote about the topic in 1975; he was also a longtime environmental activist, often campaigning for politicians to address climate issues. And now, two weeks after Brocker's passing, the final message he shared about what we may need to do to save the earth from global warming has been revealed.

About a week before Broecker's death, a group of 40 researchers gathered at Arizona State University as part of the Planetary Management Symposium on Climate Engineering, where they analyzed new potential solutions to global warming, NBC News reported. Broecker appeared in a livestream broadcasted for the group of researchers, since he could not make the conference in person due to his sickness, the news outlet explained. In the livestream, Broecker explained what he thinks scientists need to do to halt the climate crisis. According to NBC News, Broecker asserted that the group must start seriously researching "geoengineering," "the sulfur solution," "solar radiation management," and the "Pinatubo Strategy.”