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Beyond Meat to Launch Vegan Steak This Year

Sophie Hirsh - Author

Jun. 30 2022, Published 2:48 p.m. ET

As more and more plant-based meat alternatives come onto the market, adopting a vegan lifestyle becomes easier and easier. Many animal product categories have been successfully veganized by a number of brands, but for so long, herbivores have waited for a truly realistic and delicious vegan steak to hit the market — and the team at Beyond Meat is finally preparing to release theirs.

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Keep reading for the details on Beyond Meat’s upcoming product, and a few other vegan steak options out there.

Beyond Meat will release vegan steak later this year.

This week, Beyond Meat’s CEO and founder Ethan Brown spoke at The Wall Street Journal’s Global Food Forum, where he announced that Beyond Meat plans to launch a “sliced-steak product” by the end of this year. Brown explained that most vegan meat products on the market are designed to replace ground meat products (such as burgers, meatballs, and nuggets), while this product will more closely resemble a whole cut of meat, as per the newspaper.

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Brown stated at the event that the forthcoming steak is “probably one of our best products to date,” as reported by VegNews. It will first appear in grocery stores, and later come to restaurants.

Beyond Meat has spoken about its intentions to create a vegan steak on multiple occasions in the past, going as far back as January 2019. Three years later, Beyond Meat’s vegan and vegetarian customers can finally get ready to dust off their steak knives.

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Juicy Marbles recently released its vegan filet mignon.

Juicy Marbles
Source: Juicy Marbles

Recently, a new company called Juicy Marbles put out its first product: vegan filet mignon. The product is marbled to look like real raw meat, and Juicy Marbles claims that the product is “by far the most tender piece of plant meat you can get.” It’s made primarily from soy protein concentrate and wheat protein isolate, and is designed to crisp up on the outside but remain tender inside when pan fried.

The product is currently sold out, but when it restocks, prices start at $40 for a pack of four steaks. Juicy Marbles’ next product will be a vegan tenderloin.

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Redefine Meat is making 3D-printed vegan steak.

In 2020, Israeli startup Redefine Meat publicly unveiled its 3D-printed vegan steak, as reported by Interesting Engineering. The company created and patented a new 3D printer that can use plant-based ingredients to print whole cuts of meat that look and taste like the real thing.

In February 2022, the Marco Pierre Restaurant in the U.K. became the first eatery to serve Redefine Meat’s 3D-printed vegan steak, according to Business Live. That said, the product is not yet available to the public, but you can try Redefine Meat’s other plant-based meats at select restaurants in Amsterdam, Berlin, Israel, and London.

What is vegan steak made of? Try your hand at these recipes.

If you’d like to try making your own vegan steak, there are a number of recipes out there. Nora Cooks recipe’s main ingredients are vital wheat gluten and lentils; a recipe from BOSH! primarily uses canned chickpeas, vital wheat gluten, and nutritional yeast; and Gourmandelle’s recipe uses oyster mushrooms and ground-up cooked gluten-free pasta — yes, you’re going to cook pasta, and blend it up in a food processor to make a dough. Get into it.

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